Safety Features on the B Direct

The UVC light emitted from the B Direct fixtures can be harmful to humans in the same way that it is harmful to viruses and bacteria. To make sure that humans are protect when the system is running there are 3 safety features built into the unit that cannot be bypassed.

1) Audible Alarm – an audible beeping alarm starts when the system is powered up. This warns people in the area that they system has been turned on. The first set of beeps is a count down to when the UVC tubes activate. This lets people know that if they are in the area they need to switch the system off or leave the room. Once the system starts to runt he UVC bulbs it will continue beeping as a warning.

2) Flashing LED – If people in the work space have a hearing impairment there is also a flashing LED light to get their attention. This works in the same way as the audible alarm to let people know the system is running.

3) Motion Sensor – Each B Direct unit is also equipped with a motion sensor circuit breaker. If any movement is directed in range of the unit, power to the UVC tubes will be turned off instantly. This ensures that even if someone enters the room by accident they will not be exposed to the UVC light. To reactivate the system they simply need t be powered off and turn back on to start the sequence again.