New UVC Products for Canada

UVC light has been used for water sanitation since it was first implemented in France in 1908. Commercial UVC lamps started to be used in hospitals in the 1930s. Hospitals have been using them ever since with high power automated systems, however they are costly to roll out and install. These systems have been locked into the medical industry and not been available to general industry.

Recently there has been a call for systems that are easy to use and easy to maintain. Systems that can be installed in warehouses and small to large scales production facility were previously not made available due to a variety of reasons. Cost and technology availability we the major barriers to entry.

The new Luxibel UVC systems are making this easier and much more cost effective.

Starting in June 2020 we will have access to UVC systems that can be designed and implemented with fast turn around time. Products being built in North America and Europe will be serviced and maintained in Ontario minimising transport costs and long wait periods for products.



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