Safety Features on the B Direct

The UVC light emitted from the B Direct fixtures can be harmful to humans in the same way that it is harmful to viruses and bacteria. To make sure that humans are protect when the system is running there are 3 safety features built into the unit that cannot be bypassed. 1) Audible Alarm – […]

Now In Stock! UVC B Direct 1 and 2

The first few runs of the B Direct 1 and 2 UVC systems are now in the shop. We have the B Direct 2 mounted in our warehouse now for demos. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to stop in and see how easy these UVC systems are to install.

New UVC Products for Canada

UVC light has been used for water sanitation since it was first implemented in France in 1908. Commercial UVC lamps started to be used in hospitals in the 1930s. Hospitals have been using them ever since with high power automated systems, however they are costly to roll out and install. These systems have been locked […]